Girivarya Non-Woven Fabrics

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It's really the people who makes difference at Girivarya. We hire people who are young, Smart, dynamic and favour ability against experience.

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We take immense care in ensuring that our products are well within required parameters of international quality standards.

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Our prime motto is to develop relationship of faith and quality with all customers. Besides this our vision is also dedicated to fulfill reponsibilities on the social..

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Factory Girivarya


Girivarya Non-Woven Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. a faster growing, multi material, multi process and multi product manufacturer and exporter; with passion for perfection and zeal for success.

A company which is radipely changing itself according to market need and demand with very close eyes on serving quality. Girivarya Non-Woven manufactures many products which includes Printed PP Non Woven Fabrics, Agriculture Covers, Spun Bond Non Woven Fabrics, BOPP Lamination, Raffia Lamination, Sandwich Lamination, D-Cut bags, U-Cut bags, Handle Loop bags, Zipper bags, Jute bag with 4 colour priniting & Other Industiral Packaging Products.

Girivarya Non Woven currently employees more than 100 skilled professionals with latest technogoly manufacturing plant advanced with imported equipment which results in high quality product which gives maximum satisfaction to our customers and this is our highest aim.

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